Water Loss

There are so many factors that can make leak detection is a swimming pool difficult. Of the most significant observations is the rate of water loss under various conditions in the pool. If you establish a regular schedule of monitoring water loss in your pool then you can spot potential patterns that may help to locate the origin of the leak.

In addition to the isolation tests that are covered later in this guide where you will run the pool for periods of time with and without the filtration system running you want to also take note of any additional factors such as weather. By keeping what could be considered to be a diary about the pool you can begin to see patterns develop.

leaking pool light

For example if you notice that every time it rains the pool stops losing water for 3 days this is an indication that you may have a skimmer line leak and the earth, when saturated with rain water, slows the rate of the leak. You would not notice this pattern unless you were recording regular details about the pool and its history. Maybe the pool light stopped working recently and this could be a sign of a problem bigger than just a burnt out bulb needing replacement.

Signs Of Pool Leaks

If you keep a running log of all interactions you have with your pool then you will have the best possible likelihood of finding a leak on your own. You should be recording such events as how often you are adding water, how much water was lost from the pool between fillings, weather patterns such as rain or hot dry weather, when you last backwashed the pool and for how long you ran the backwash etc.

It is the combination of this information that provides benefit and not just any one piece of the puzzle. Keeping detailed records will assist with spotting patterns or symptoms of other problems which may lead to the leak. This is a similar process to how professionals find pool leaks however they use an abbreviated assessment combined with physical tests such as pressure tests or electronic leak detection tests as well.

You have the benefit of creating a much more in depth assessment and an additional benefit of this is that any future owners of your house will be able to see how well the pool was cared for from the maintenance records.

Pool Leak Observations

While recording every detail of your pool is great and will be very helpful in finding the cause of the water loss, at some point you need to get a little more technical and start to isolate parts of the pool and begin closing in on the leak source.

You can now proceed to the first leak detection section that looks at a common cause for pool leaks - the pool plumbing system

The menu on the right is a chronological step by step process to determine where a swimming pool is leaking. This website is written as a readthrough technical assistance guide for locating leaks. When you believe you have identified where the pool is leaking you need to go to our sister website to see pictures and learn more about the actual swimming pool leak repair process.