Holes In Vinyl Liners

A hole in the vinyl liner itself will have accompanying characteristics that go along with the obvious signs of water loss. If a pool is losing moderate amounts of water through the liner itself, you will often experience a situation where water accumulates underneath the liner in your pool causing the liner to float up off the floor of the pool slightly.

This is not necessarily a dramatic effect that will be immediately obvious. Close inspection of the floor will help to determine if there is excess water under the liner, specifically in the deep end of the pool. If this is the case it is very likely that you have a hole in your liner.

Consider All Relevant Information

If you suspect a hole in the liner of your pool you should also consider the relative age and overall condition of the liner as a whole. if the liner is old, faded, cracked, ripped or of an unknown age you can expect that a hole in the liner might exist.

Be sure to check your maintenance equipment such as vacuum heads and brushes for any sharp protrusions which might inadvertently cause a rip in the vinyl liner. Additionally all toys and clothing used in the pool should be such that is poses no risk to puncturing the liner.

Seeking a small hole in the vinyl liner can be difficult so identifying why the leak exists, or the instrument that caused the leak, can lead you to locate the hole in the liner much more readily.

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