Gaskets & Faceplates At Waterline

If the water level stops anywhere where it is in contact with a gasket, such as the skimmer mouth faceplate, or an in wall set of stairs, this location will need a specific dye test done to determine if a leak is present.

Additionally, you can select the appropriate screw driver, which is most commonly a Phillips driver, less commonly regarded as the “star” shaped one, and check that the screws at, above and below the waterline are snug.

You certainly do not want to snap the head off of any screw as this is just a thankless and aggravating repair to deal with. You simply are trying to identify if each screw is holding solid and not spinning loose or free in its hole.

If you have a broken, loose or missing screw, you have definitely found at least one leak that needs to be repaired. Seldom will a pool remain watertight if a screw is broken, missing or damaged along a compression gasket and faceplate such as the skimmer, returns or stairs - especially the stairs.

The menu on the right is a chronological step by step process to determine where a swimming pool is leaking. This website is written as a readthrough technical assistance guide for locating leaks. When you believe you have identified where the pool is leaking you need to go to our sister website to see pictures and learn more about the actual swimming pool leak repair process.