Leak Test Condition 1

Leak condition 1 refers to the pool losing the same amount of water whether the pump system is on or off.

Constant Rate Of Water Loss

If you have tried the hydrostatic water test and have concluded that your pool leaks the same whether the pump is running or not you can try isolating the leak further if you have not already done so. This would be done by plugging the return and skimmer ports to see if the rate of water loss changes.

hayward variable speed pump

The following potential leak locations assume that the rate of water loss remains constant regardless of the state the pool pump is in. It is important to note however that in many cases you are not able to isolate the plumbing system completely since the main drain can be difficult to plug. Only further testing will reveal the leak location for certain however the information on this page will help to create a profile of the leak that will be useful later once you have completed a few additional tests.

Reasons For Water Loss

Based upon the leak characteristics displayed by your swimming pool during the hydrostatic leak test, here is a list of the more likely areas of concern for your pool.

This information is not sufficient for stand alone diagnosis of your swimming pool leak in most cases, but can very often lead to an efficient diagnosis and repair due to recurring instances of these common pool failures:

(small leak of less than 1” / 2.5cm per day)
-possibly a small hole in the liner, likely on the wall
-leaking around gaskets such as stairs, skimmer mouth, lights etc
-hole in liner under drop in ladder resting position

(medium leak of 1-3” / 2.5-7.5cm per day)
-Major hole in liner, specifically on the floor of the pool
-Failing hydrostatic relief valve in main drain
-Failed gaskets at stairs, returns, lights or skimmer
-Cracked equalizer or non pressure pipe

(large leak of more than 3” / 7.5cm per day)
-Hydrostatic relief valve in main drain stuck open
-Liner seam separation
-Broken equalizer line

You can choose another condition from the side menu to explore other potential leak options or you can read more about condition 1 leaks in the sub section that looks futher at constant rate water loss and potential causes. When you are ready you can also proceed to the next leak test section that looks at the water level leak test

The menu on the right is a chronological step by step process to determine where a swimming pool is leaking. This website is written as a readthrough technical assistance guide for locating leaks. When you believe you have identified where the pool is leaking you need to go to our sister website to see pictures and learn more about the actual swimming pool leak repair process.