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Swimming Pool Repair

This page is the table of contents for every swimming pool related question that you have from leak detection to pumps & filters, from chemistry to difficult repairs, from cutting edge pool designs to swimming pool pump reviews this page has you covered - first hand from a pool industry expert. Bookmark this page now.

Pool Leak Detection - This link starts you down the road of swimming pool leak detection where through simple steps and observations you can determine where you pool is losing water. This guide is displayed chronologically on the right side navigation bar on this page. The rest of the links below are to external resources for pool problems.

Please Note: The author if this leak detection website you are reading also has an ongoing leak detection blog that you can read if you are looking for additional swimming pool leak detection and repair information. This blog is Pool Leaks

External Links To Pool Resources

Each of these links have been hand selected to provide information about specific swimming pool problems and concerns from across the internet:

Pool Pump Installation - Tips and expert advice for how to install a new swimming pool pump as well as troubleshooting steps and plumbing instructions.

Pool Sand Filters - Installation, sizing and troubleshooting information for swimming pool sand filters.

Pool Water - A "pool school" for beginners and advanced users. Chemical balancing, sanitizers, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, salt water pools, saturation index and algae.

Spa Water - A "spa school" for beginner hot tub and spa owners. Covers the basics of spa chemistry including chlorine, bromine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness as well as cleaning, flushing, draining and filling advice.

Spa Chemicals - A "spa school" for advanced hot tub and spa owners looking to get the most out of their hot tub. This includes alternative sanitizers, natural and organic chemicals, how to reduce costs, ozone systems and water balancing.

Salt Water Pools - Resource for swimming pool owners with or just considering salt water chlorinators instead of traditional chlorine treatments.

Pool Liners - Learn how to install your own pool liner and save thousands of dollars with this tutorial.

Rock Waterfalls - Learn the technique of "artificial rocks" for swimming pools, ponds and hot tubs. Build your own rocks, statues and waterfalls.

Pool Prices - Learn how much a swimming pool costs, different kinds of swimming pools and prices for various swimming pool options.

Pool Pump Reviews - Read swimming pool pump reviews written by an industry expert and learn how to choose the best pump for your pool.

Pool Covers - Pictures and resources for various kinds of swimming pool winter covers and swimming pool safety covers.