Leak Test Condition 2

Leak condition 2 refers to the pool leaking more when the plumbing system is on, but water loss is experienced in both conditions

More Water Loss With Pump Running

If you are losing water while conducting the hydrostaic leak test in all situations however the rate of water loss is greater when the plumbing system is on as opposed to off then this tells some important information about the nature of the leak.

This condition indicates that the pressure of the pool filtration system causes the leak to lose more water than when it is shut off. This almost certainly eliminates the leak from potentially being a structual leak since the plumbing system being on or off would have no impact on the rate that water escapes from a crack or hole in the pool surface.

Multiple Leak Locations

This introduces the possibility of multiple leak locations in the pool. This is one of the more difficult situations a pool owner can find themselves in as this will certainly complicate the process of identifying the leak source based on process of elimination.

More difinitive testing such as pressure testing or electronic leak testing may be required to locate the leaks if multiple and unrelated leaks are present in the pool.

Again, this is precisely the reason that you should conduct multiple tests and compile the results for greatest leak detection accuracy. While is it possbile that multiple leak locations may exist the hydrostatic test is pointing towards there being a leak in the plumbing system.

If this is true, regardless of whether other leaks also exist, further testing and repair of the plumbing system will be required. This is itself will help in locating any potential secondary leaks.

Based upon the leak characteristics displayed by your swimming pool during the hydrostatic leak test, here is a list of the more likely areas of concern for your pool. This information is not sufficient for stand alone diagnosis of your swimming pool leak in most cases, but can very often lead to an efficient diagnosis and repair due to recurring instances of these common pool failures:

(small leak of less than 1” / 2.5cm per day)
-Crack in return line
-Loose fitting connection on return line
-Pump seal missing or damaged
-Filter head gasket out of alignment

(medium leak of 1-3” / 2.5-7.5cm per day)
-Broken fitting on return line
-Lengthwise pipe crack on return line
-Filter head gasket out of alignment

(large leak of more than 3” / 7.5cm per day)
-Severed return line
-Crushed pipe
-Filter head gasket out of alignment
-Multiple return line leaks

You can choose another condition from the side menu to explore other potential leak options. There is also more detailed information for if your pool is leaking more with the pump running plumbing system leaks. When you are ready proceed to the next leak detection section that looks at the water level leak test

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